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So, a couple of weeks ago, I sent one of my stories out to about 14 journals and magazines.  Not expecting much, but who knows?  So far, I have gotten 3 rejections…but one was an EPIC WIN!  How could a rejection be a win, you ask?  Well, on my rejection from Ploughshares, handwritten, was “Please send us other work.”  Someone took the time to write that.  With a please.  I absolutely freaked out.  I told everyone.  My poet friend Jamaal May confirmed for me that the excitement was justified, saying “That’s fucking colossal!  That’s a big fucking deal!”  As a side note, Jamaal is fabulous.  His first poetry collection, “Hum”, is coming out from Alice James books in 2013 and you all should really check it out.  I have had a sneak peak and it is genius.  Check out some of his work HERE.


Anyways, I am PUMPED.  I feel like a real writer.  I would like to thank my Bucknell professors, Porochista Khakpour, Claire Vaye Watkins, G.C. Waldrep…I would like to thank the Academy, and my fellow nominees, and Manolo Blahnik for custom designing my shoes for the red carpet…oh wait, that last part was my Oscar acceptance speech.

Also, there is the Anna Karenina challenge.  Yes.  About that.  I tried to start the book last night but there were complicated Russian names and I was sleepy.  I completed 3 out of 800 pages.  Great start.  However, I absolutely adore the first line.  It is so perceptive and inspiring to me, as I often write about unhappy people and dysfunctional families.

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  – Leo Tolstoy

Hopefully I’ll get a little more read tonight…