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There are two things that give me pure joy when I see them in my mailbox:  those bright red Netflix envelopes and the oversized white envelopes bearing the label “One Story“.


Mailboxes (Photo credit: enigmapirates)

I have been having intense reading distraction lately; I started and abandoned several perfectly interesting books – Bleak House, Swamplandia, Game of Thrones, and The Bloody Chamber.  I just can’t seem to commit to a book for more than a few chapters lately.  I think this issue of One Story is exactly what I need.  The magazine consists of just that: one short story.  The magazine is a non-profit with the mission of preserving and honoring the form of the short story.  They strive for originality, often publishing experimental pieces.  My favorite of late was You, On a Good Day by Alethea Black.  The story is told entirely in the second person, which is highly unusual and difficult to do.  Further, the first half of the story is told in the negative (“you do not”).

I also love that the magazine strives for variety and independence.  They will only publish an author once, which ensures that they do not depend on a repetitive pool of writers for their material (ahem…The New Yorker).  They have published several acquaintances and friends of mine, including my fiction professor Claire Watkins and Bucknell‘s former Roth Resident Smith Henderson, whose One Story issue Number Stations  involves an ostrich and was so haunting and traumatic for my former poetry professor Shara McCallum that she doesn’t even like the talk about it.  You can order past issues of the magazine if you are interested.  Being able to support a non-profit with a great mission and receiving a magazine that I love?  Priceless.  I would recommend the magazine to any aspiring writer who wants examples of excellent experimental, fresh writing.  I hope to see my name on the cover of one of those colorful little magazines on day!