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I am always on the hunt for funny twists on classic literature to entertain me and remind me not to be so serious about my work or my reading list.  Recently, I came across a couple of gems.  The first is Twitterature by Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin.  It is always interesting to think about what classic characters would be like in the modern age.  This book imagines what icons like King Lear and Sherlock Homes would tweet, vividly and with clever humor.  Think you’ll never make it through Great Expectations?  Read a couple of tweets by Pip aka @piMp.  Although, the twitter feeds do contain spoilers, so be aware of that.  ImageNext, for lovers of Mad Libs, try Lit Libs by Patrick Baker.  This deliciously naughty book takes passages from famous novels, like Call of the Wild and Moby Dick and transforms them into Call of the Wild Municipal Dog Park and Moby ____ Tease.  Play with an equally lit savvy friend and laugh deviously as you insert kittens into Dracula and put Jane Eyre on the Jerry Springer show.