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I was sitting around with a friend the other day, surfing the internet and laughing at entertaining websites, when we came upon one I hadn’t visited in a while: fmylife.com.

Weirdly, I got a ton of ideas for stories.  Yes, some of the posts are obviously fake.  Some are also unlikely and far-fetched, but isn’t that what we want for a story sometimes?  If a mishap was commonplace, it wouldn’t make such an interesting read.  Some of the posts are even deeply sad.  You may have to look through a lot to find one that speaks to you, but if you have writer’s block, it could really be worth it.  Look what I got from this one:

Today, I packed all my clothes in a black garbage bag, so I could easily move them to my new house. When I came back outside to load it into my car, the bag was missing, and all I could see was a garbage truck driving away with the week’s trash. FML

Scania front loader

Scania front loader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, losing one’s clothing?  Unfortunate but not Earth-shattering.  What else could have been in one of those bags that would be catastrophic to lose?  Don’t you just feel the ideas flooding in?  Or this one…

Today, after backpacking across Europe for a month, I picked up my dog from the doghouse. No one will listen to me or acknowledge the fact that he’s now missing two toes. FML

How in the world did that dog lose two toes?  Or if you are a humorous writer, this one…

Today, I woke up to my drunk great grandfather peeing on my cat and thinking it was absolutely hysterical. This isn’t the first time and he just moved in with me for the next six weeks. FML

Let the extreme family conflict commence!  If you find any super-evocative FMLs, post them in the comments section!  I’d love to see what you all find.